Arten's Beach Shack

LIGHT DC | Twintania | MIST 19th ward - plot 11 |

Oppening Hours:

17:00 - 20:00 ST

Discord Server:

Come for some relaxation and chill time in this cozy beach café/bar. The Venue offers a nice view of the ocean and you can sit outside to enjoy it at anytime. If your friends fancy a place to socialize or dance, you can definitely do that here.

28th of October

The beach shack is hosting a Halloween themed glam contest with some prizes for the winners. HAPPY TUNES ARE gonna play some live music before and after the contest. Bring your best and most spookiest glam next week and you will have a chance to win :
1st place Gabriel α mount
2nd place Nana Bear + 50 000Gil
3rd place Shaggy Shoat + 20 000Gil.

Patrons of the Beach shack are required to follow these rules:
Non roleplayers are welcome to the venue, but please respect the community and do not run, jump or disturb any of the other players in the venuePlayers need to hide their weapons and minions before entering the venueStaff will use /yell and /shout for announcements and talk. Patrons should use /sayPatrons of the cafe should come properly dressedPatrons of the bar can wear anything as long as you are not nudeNo ERP, explicit activity, or nudity. Our venue is safe for work and safe for all agesIf you have any disagreements they must be taken outside - no fighting inside the premises
You are always welcome to check the venue, but keep in mind that it wont be staffed outside the working hours.

Partners & Communities

Born in the days when Light was still a part of Chaos, Silver Valkyrie is a warm and welcoming community of FFXIV players that's been running fun events since 2017. They aim to make roleplaying accessible to as many as possible through promoting SFW venues across Light DC, a dedicated team of mentors and wide variety of players who enjoy a vast range of roleplaying styles.

Endless Nights is a social events community based on Zodiark. With several venues and multiple recurring events, we strive to provide the players on the Light datacenter with quality events to roleplay and hang out at.
In addition to hosting our own venues and events, Endless Nights also serves as a hub for other venues and hosts to bring their ideas to the masses.


How to order

You can /shout from your seat and someone from the staff will be with you to take your order. Or you can simply go to the counter and order there.

Customers of Arten's Beach Shack are expected to pay in real gil. All of the Gil earned through the opening hours will be used for upgrading and expanding the venue.

Orange Juice1000Gil
Grape Juice1300Gil
Ishgardian Tea1500Gil
Triple Cream Coffee1800Gil
Chocolate Bubble Candy500Gil
Honey Muffin1500Gil
Apple Tart1800Gil
Coffee Biscuits1900Gil
Chocolate Cake2000Gil
Weekly SpecialPrice
Pixie Apple Pie2000Gil

How to order

You can simply go to the bar and order there.

Customers of Arten's Beach Shack are expected to pay in real gil. All of the Gil earned through the opening hours will be used for upgrading and expanding the venue.

More info on how your drink is made? Dont be shy ask your bartender.

Sherbert Lemon Sours200gil
Long Island Iced Tea1800Gil
Fig Fizz2000Gil
Pineapple Cider2100Gil

Artemis Tia

Usually you can find him in the Café. When you have the opportunity strike a conversation with him.

Artemis Frost

Our handsome waiter. Making sure your stay in the venue is enjoyable. Ear wiggles included.

Kokonina Vivinina

Our most shy waiter in the cafe. Try not to make any sudden movements around this kitty or you might scare him.


Not your typical bartender. He does everything with class and sass. Quite the chatty guy, to make your time at the bar a lovely experience.

Ameena Draven
Our sweet but sassy barmaid, here to serve you drinks and happily chat with you but don't get too fresh with her, she's happily married.

Revan Nero

Don't be a bad person, or the cat boy security is going to get you. Be a good person and you might get a smile from him.

Spectra Phantom

An aspiring model, a great dancer and official photographer for Arten's Beach Shack, Spectra will get you off your chairs and onto the dance floor in no time.